What is Silestone? Why do I Need It?

Silestone by Cosentino’s new collection “Eternal,” mimics the look of quartz using a nano-based treatment of the surface to eliminate micro-porosity. This nano-boost or “N-Boost,” as Cosentino calls it increases stain resistance and shine while also promising more saturated color, luster, and durability.

In short, Quartz is in right now. Silestone is basically the best quartz material you’ll find, only better. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below to see some stunning Silestone Quartz countertops and learn about why this surface is so special.

Still not convinced? Stop by our office at 13122 Mula Ct. in Stafford, TX. 77477. We’ll be happy to walk you through the showroom so you can see the beauty of Silestone by Cosentino up close.