Here's a small gallery of the granite, quartz, and dekton countertop projects we’ve worked on

Dekton Trilium mitered edge and Silestone Quartz Kensho

This is one of the more complex projects we’ve taken on. Trillium is composed of a mix of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black to create a rusted effect that is unexpectedly smooth to the touch. Its light to dark contrasting forms a somewhat metallic effect that gives the surface an extremely genuine appearance. Positive energy and good vibrations emanate from the silky surface of the harmonic gray Kensho, which creates environments with an Asian and Zen touch. Combined together these surfaces really created something special.

Eternal Statuario Extra (Marble) and Siberian White (Granite)

Eternal Statuario Extra perfectly reproduces the lustrous beauty of the timeless statuario marble, which is characterized by its pure white background with gray veining. This elegant porcelain tile series compliments various design styles enhancing every room with its unique appearance.

Siberian White from India is a primarily white stone with black flecks and different waves of grey colored veining. With the white and beige undertone the grey gives off a hint of blue/green. This stone offers heavy crystallization and interesting design that blends well with all interiors and design features in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

“Calacatta Laza,” Quartz by Granite Surfaces of Texas

Thanks to its dramatic movement, milky white background and realistic soft brown veining, Calacatta Laza is a natural choice for waterfall islands, refreshing small spaces, and delighting the eye in both classic and modern environments. Durable, easy to clean, and maintenance free, use this gorgeous marble-look quartz to create show stopping quartz countertops, kitchen islands, floors, backsplashes, and accent walls.

“Blanco Orion” Quartz by Silestone

Silestone Blanco Orion is a white to off white base quartz with clear tones. The stone combines white luminosity with a rich palette of subtle greys. The addition of its gently blurred veins suggests a natural stone with a great personality and unique characteristics.

“White Mountain” by Granite Surfaces of Texas

White Mountain Granite is a kind of features slight variation in grain of grays and whites color granite quarried in Brazil. This stone is especially good for Countertops, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.

“Ubatuba” quartz by silestone

Ubatuba granite from Brazil is a finely textured granite featuring black, gold, gray and green speckles. The shimmering speckles of Ubatuba granite make it a perfect statement piece for indoor and outdoor applications.

“Eternal Statuario and Miami White” Quartz by Silestone

Eternal Statuario - Inspired by the classic Italian Carrara marble, Eternal Statuario has a white surface with very soft, sparkling highlights in a shade of grey. Colour and harmony are fused in a background that stands out for its remarkable sense of depth.

Miami White - A pure white quartz stone with timeless appeal and versatility when creating designs in interiors. It is made out of approximately 95% pure quartz and blended additives to create an ultra-resistant surfaces highly adaptable to kitchens, bathrooms and floorings.


“Bianca Reserve” By Granite Surfaces of Texas

Bianca Reserve Granite countertops feature a soft gray background with warm taupe and pink flecks. In addition to countertops, this beautiful granite can be used for coordinating backsplashes, accent walls, and floors.

“Summit” by Allen + Roth

Dynamic veining of black and grey lay within a crisp, white background, makes Summit a fresh and modern choice for any space.

storm quartz.JPG

“Storm,” Quartz by Granite Surfaces of Texas

Storm quartz is resistant to heat, highly attractive and free from acid damage. The product gives a marble look and shines bright when applied effectively on countertops and walls. If low maintenance and stunning look rank on top in your criteria, consider Storm slabs as your first choice

“Grey Expo” (Volcanic Ash) Quartz by Silestone

The Grey Expo Quartz from Silestone by Cosentino is a quality product comprised of 94% natural quartz, making it an ideal surface for kitchen and bathroom applications. Available in a polished, volcano or a Suede texture for unparallelled softness, Grey Expo offers a blend of warm greys with delicate grains of darker grey and whites.

“Taj Mahal” by Granite Surfaces of Texas 

Taj Mahal is an amber-colored stone with a beige background color and it is a bit transparent. At first sight, this transparency combined with its brightness and undulating structure reminds us of marble or even of onyx. 

“Crema Pearl” By Sensa

Charcoal fissures and dove gray rivulets layer into crystal fans of buttermilk and winter white accented by garnet flecks. Crema Pearl compliments pale paint finishes, creamy white ceramic tile, nickel hardware and glass accents.

“Waterfall” by Sensa

The richly marbleized veining of charcoal, ink, silver and dove gray fall across a snow white background. Waterfall makes a design statement paired with crystal and chrome, black millwork and white ceramic tile.

Tebas Black by Silestone

Silestone Black Tebas forms part of the Mythological Series, a collection inspired by simple, achromatic colours with barely noticeable particles creating a visual depth and texture, all created using Silestone’s advanced quartz technologies.